bvlgari temptations        

Green Tea Assortment
Shampoo / Shower Gel (without box) 200ml
Shampoo (without box) 200ml
Body Lotion (without box) 200ml
Shampoo / Shower Gel 40 / 75ml
Shampoo 40 / 75ml
Hair Conditioner 40 / 75ml
Body Lotion 40 / 75ml
Round White Soap with Glycerin (paper wrap) 50 / 75gr
Round White Soap with Glycerin ( with plastic box) 150g
Round White Soap with Glycerin (paper wrap) 150g
After Shave Emulsion with Fragrance 40ml
Mini Spray EP Eau de Toilette 10ml  
Mini Eau de Cologne 5ml
Creative assortment
Guest Collection Box  1
Unscented Across the Line Hand Cream 15ml
Unscented Across the Line Lip Balm 7ml
Unscented Shaving Gel 40ml  
Refreshing Towels  1
Eye Mask  1  

                                                   Also availble in White Tea

                                                         & Red Tea Ranges