We work with professional top quality wholesale butchers.

Orders are prepared and vacuum packed to your specifications.

Labelled in english

Flash frozen (if required) 

Bresaola /kg
Carpaccio (10 slices / pack) /kg
Cheeks Beef kg
Fillet - Black Angus - whole kg
Fillet - Irish Extra - whole kg
Fillet - Cebon Extra Spanish - whole kg
Loin - Black Angus kg
Loin - Irish Extra kg
Loin -  Entrecôte Cebon kg
Lion Sirloin Cebon kg
Topside kg
Topside diced kg
U.S. Rib Eye Black Angus kg
U.S. Fillet Black Angus kg
Kobe / Wagyu kg
Fillet kg
Loin ( Entrecôte ) kg
Osobucco kg
Topside kg
Chops kg
Cutlets - spanish kg
Fillet N.Z. - frozen kg
French Trimmed Rack N.Z. - frozen - pk x 2 kg
Leg - spanish kg
Leg - diced / minced kg
Loin N.Z. - frozen kg
Shoulder - spanish kg
Baby Back Ribs - frozen kg
Bacon back - fresh kg
Bacon Back - frozen 400g
Bacon - Spanish cut - streaky kg
Bacon - Oscar Meyer - sliced 150g
Cheeks Iberian - frozen /kg
Chops kg
Suckling Pig (Cochinillo) - fresh 4-5kg
Fillet Iberico - frozen kg
Fillet kg
Loin kg
Pancetta kg
Pancetta - cured kg
Ribs kg
Shoulder kg
Shoulder - boned & rolled kg
SAUSAGES - English style, freshly made.
Pork kg
Cumberland kg
Beef kg
Plus custom mixes - Lamb & Mint / Pork & Apple /  Merguez kg 
WILD BOAR - frozen
Fillet kg
Loin kg
VENISON - frozen
Fillet kg
Leg kg
Loin kg
Rack kg
Ragu kg
Shoulder kg
Guinea Fowl kg
Guinea Fowl - Supremes - frozen 2kg
Ostrich Breast fillet kg
Partridge kg
Pheasant per 1
Pheasant - Supremes - frozen 2kg
Chicken Whole - free range & corn fed kg
Chicken Whole - organic kg
Chicken Breast kg
Chicken Breast - corn fed kg
Chicken Drumsticks - corn fed kg
Chicken Leg - corn fed kg
Chicken - minced kg
Chicken Supremes - corn fed kg
Chicken Wings - corn fed kg
Duck Breast kg
Duck Confit per leg
Duck Fat kg
Duck leg kg
Duck leg Confit - tin 10 legs
Duck whole - frozen kg
Poussin whole per 1
Goose whole kg
Quail boned & stuffed with Foie Gras per 1
Quail Deboned per 1
Quail Spatchcocked per 1
Quail Whole per 1
Turkey Breast kg
Turkey Whole kg

Selection of Kosher & Halal meats available to order.