Amaretto Di Sarrono 70cl
Amaro Averna 70cl
Amaro Montengro 70cl
Bailey's Irish Cream 70cl
Bailey's Chocolate de Lux 50cl
Benedictine 70cl
Cachaça Pitu 1lt
Cachaça Saçatiba Velha 70cl
Chambord 50cl
Chartreuse Green 70cl
Chartreuse Kirsch 70cl
Chartreuse Yellow 70cl
Cointreau 70cl
Creme de Cassis Brizzard 70cl
Creme de Menthe 70cl
Drambui 70cl
Elderflower St. Germain 70cl
Feeny's Irish Cream 70cl
Fernet Branca 70cl
Fireball Cinnamon 70cl
Frangelico Avellana 70cl
Get 27 Peppermint 70cl
Gran Marnier Red 70cl
Gran Marnier Yellow  70cl
Hierbas Dos Perellons 70cl
Illy Café 28 70cl
Jägermeister 70cl
Kahlua 70cl
Kirsch Miclo 70cl
Limoncello Villa Massa 70cl
Midori 1lt
Ouzo 12 70cl
Pacharin Las Endrinas 1lt
Pisang Ambon 70cl
Sambuca Canale Barbero 70cl
Southern Comfort 70cl
Strega 70cl
Tia Maria 70cl
Triple Sec 70cl


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 We have an extensive selection of Fine Wines in stock, available for immediate delivery. Otherwise, we will endeavour to find the specific wines your guests require from our well-stocked cellars in the South of France. read more...

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                  FISH & SEAFOOD
 Our Fishmonger based in Palma’s main market, supplies excellent quality fresh fish and seafood. He will prepare and vacuum pack your order to your specifications. read more...


                   MEAT & POULTRY
Our top quality wholesale butchers will prepare, vacuum pack and label and if necessary freeze down your order to your exact specifications. read more...

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             SPIRITS & LIQUEURS

A comprehensive selection of an ever-increasing range. If it's not listed, please ask!