International Foods


Bamboo Shoots 
Bami Goreng Paste 100g
Basmati Rice - Veetee 1kg
Black Bean & Garlic Sauce  368g
Char Siu Sauce 397g
Chick Pea / Gram Flour 1kg
Coconut Cream 1lt
Coconut Milk - tin 400ml
Coconut powder 60g  
Curry Leaves - dried 10g
Dashi No Moto 1
Fish Sauce - Squid 725ml
Ginger Sushi - jar  145g
Ginger Sushi Pink - sachet
Hoisin Sauce 397g
Hoisin Sauce - Blue Dragon 1lt
Jasmine Thai Fragrant Rice 1kg
Kaffir Lime Leaves - dried 15g
Kaffir Lime Leaves - frozen 100g
Ketjap Manis 340g
Kimchee Base 1lt
Lemon Grass - jar - Blue Dragon 210g
Mayonnaise - Japanese 500g
Mirin - Mitsukan 400ml
Miso Itacho red /  Shiro white 1kg
Nasi Goreng Paste 100g
Noodles Egg  250g
Noodles Pad Thai  250g
Noodles Rice  250g
Noodles Ramen 2 x 200g
Noodles Soba 250g
Noodles Udon - Blue Dragon 250g
Oyster Sauce - Panda 510ml
Oyster Sauce - Blue Dragon 1lt
Panko Crumbs 340g / !kg
Plum Sauce 397g
Prawn Crackers 330g
Rice Paper sheets  50g
Rice White Vinegar 750ml
Sake Gekkeikan 14,6º 75cl
Sambal Oelek 200g
Satay Marinade Spice Paste 100g
Sesame Oil 550ml
Sesame Seeds Black 200g
Sesame Seeds White 200g
Soy Sauce - Pearl River - dark or light 500ml
Soy Sauce Kikoman 1lt / 1,9lt
Spring Roll Wrappers - dried  134g
Spring Roll Wrappers - medium frozen   20u
Sriacha Sauce 215ml
Sushi Nori - 5 sheets 11g
Sushi Rice  500g
Tamarind Paste - concentrate  454g
Tempura Mix 400g
Teriyaki - Blue Dragon  1lt
Thai Curry Paste - Aroy-D - Green / Red / Yellow / Purple 400g
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce - Lucillus 750cl
Vermicelli Rice  250g
Vermicelli - Soya 250g
Wasabi Paste 45g
Wasabi Powder
30g / 1kg
Water Chestnuts - tin 567g
Wonton Wrappers - frozen 225g
Yuzu Juice 100ml
Patak's Range
Biriyani Paste 283g
Chutney Mango - Sweet 340g
Curry Paste - mild 185g
Korma Paste 290g
Pickle Lime 283g
Pickle Garlic 283g
Pickle Mango -  Extra hot 283g
Madras Paste 170g
Rogan Josh Paste 283g
Tandoori Paste 170g
Tikka Masala Paste 165g
Vindaloo Paste 283g
Naan Bread - Plain / Garlic & Coriander  x 2
Poppadums - Plain / Garlic x 10 
Black Beans - Herdez  425g
Chipotle Chillis - tin  215g
Jalapeños - sliced or whole - jar 215g
Jalapeño Relish - Sta Maria 300g
Nachos - Plain / BBQ / Chilli / Sour Cream & Jalapeño 200g
Red Kidney Beans - tin  - Batchelors 415g
Refried Beans 415g
Salsa Dips - mild /med / hot 300g
Taco Sauce - mild / med / hot 225g
Taco Shells x 12  125g
Taco Shells (10pks x 220g) x 200
Taco Corn soft - small 16cm  x 25
Tortillas Flour x 8  320g
Tortillas Maiz x 8  320g
Tortillas Integral  245g
Wrap Tortillas  (Ex large) 371g
Couscous - Al Abadia 500g
Harissa Paste 120g
Humus - fresh 240g
Pomegranate Molasses 300ml
Raz al Hanout - yellow or red 70g
Tahini 500g

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 We have an extensive selection of Fine Wines in stock, available for immediate delivery. Otherwise, we will endeavour to find the specific wines your guests require from our well-stocked cellars in the South of France. read more...

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                  FISH & SEAFOOD
 Our Fishmonger based in Palma’s main market, supplies excellent quality fresh fish and seafood. He will prepare and vacuum pack your order to your specifications. read more...


                   MEAT & POULTRY
Our top quality wholesale butchers will prepare, vacuum pack and label and if necessary freeze down your order to your exact specifications. read more...

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             SPIRITS & LIQUEURS

A comprehensive selection of an ever-increasing range. If it's not listed, please ask!