Laundry Detergents  
Ariel Liquid - professional (easy to store box)                   3,65lt x 2               
Ariel Washing Powder Actilift 5,6kg
Ariel Washing Powder - professional 12kg
Fairy for Clothes 2,26lt
Norit - Coloureds / Black 1,35lt
Perlan Wool / Delicates 1,25lt
Woolite Delicates  2lt
Ecover Ecological Liquid Detergent Concentrate 750ml
Fabric Softeners
Vernel - assorted fragrances 2,25lt 
Vernel - concentrate  1,3lt
Vernel - professional  10lt
Enhancers & Stain Removers  
Bio Shout Stain removing gel 500ml
Dr. Beckman's Stain Devils - assorted 15ml
Goo Gone 236ml
Iberia Colour Protection sheets 10
KH7 Stain Remover Spray - dark stains (ie red wine) 750ml
Neutrex Bleach 4lt
Vanish Oxy Action Crystals -  coloured 1kg
Vanish Oxy Action Crystals - whites 1kg
Flor Tumble Dryer Sheets  40
Downey Wrinkle Releaser spray 1lt
Febreeze Fabric Freshener spray 450ml
Toke Spray Starch 500ml
Traditional Laundry Starch Kershaws 700g
Starch - liquid 500ml
Starch - liquid  5lt


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 We have an extensive selection of Fine Wines in stock, available for immediate delivery. Otherwise, we will endeavour to find the specific wines your guests require from our well-stocked cellars in the South of France. read more...

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                  FISH & SEAFOOD
 Our Fishmonger based in Palma’s main market, supplies excellent quality fresh fish and seafood. He will prepare and vacuum pack your order to your specifications. read more...


                   MEAT & POULTRY
Our top quality wholesale butchers will prepare, vacuum pack and label and if necessary freeze down your order to your exact specifications. read more...

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             SPIRITS & LIQUEURS

A comprehensive selection of an ever-increasing range. If it's not listed, please ask!